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High-end waste-water management systems and related services, which would bring a revolutionary change to the future of tomorrow!

About Our Company

Bringing a revolutionary change in the industry, V. M. Tecknologies, is providing some of the most powerful machines to the global markets. Acknowledged as a reliable Manufacturer, Supplier, Service Provider, Wholesaler/Distributor, Importer and Exporter, our organization is utilizing only the most cutting edge technology along with high end machines to create such commodities. Since our inception in the year 2003, we are working under the guidance of our mentor Mr. Mohan Namasivayam, who experience and knowledge has motivated us to take this business to new levels of success. From Temperature Controlling Equipments and Oil Flushing System to Fluid Management Solutions and Coolant Maintenance Products, one can choose from a wide array of products provided under our roof. The technological-driven working, allows these devices to have an enhanced efficiency and performance aspect. Our thorough knowledge regarding such systems assures each patron of receiving products and services having a matchless quality aspect.

Importance of Recycling

Waste recycling has become quite an important aspect in the world of today. It has been taken up by numerous industries just so as to protect and cleanse the environment by reducing potential waste materials. As the concern for the same grows, organizations along with government agencies are focusing more on managing the waste generated by the industrial sector, and are trying( via regulations) to develop methods of reusing this residue in some or the other manner. The benefits of an efficient waste management system includes-
  • Decrease of the usage of fresh raw materials
  • Conserving natural resources
  • Reduction of energy usage
  • Low power consumption in recycling
  • Decreased of air and water pollution
  • Reduction for traditional waste disposal
  • Reduction of pollution caused by waste
  • Reduction in the release of harmful chemicals and greenhouse gases from rubbish
  • Saves space required as Waste Disposal Landfill
  • Reduce financial expenditure in the economy
  • Preserve natural resources for future generations
Our Strengths

A few attributes which give us an edge in the market include:
  • Superior quality standards
  • Expertise in fluid management
  • A design solution to a design problem
  • Provide solutions to enhance productivity and operational efficiency
  • Proven record in timely completion of assignments cost.

Our Principles

Supported by some of the most brilliant minds of today, our establishment is developing some of the most resourceful fluid protection mechanisms (Temperature Controlling Equipment and Oil Flushing Systems) which would help in waste water management.

Our Services

From installation, onsite consultation, machine tuning to even upgradation and maintenance rounds, our organization makes sure that each and every service rendered is done in the best possible manner so that each client yields a high output with maximum efficiency.

Esteemed Clientele

Commitment. That is what it takes when you want to satisfy each and every client in the best way possible. Acknowledged for our ethical business practices, the transparency which our organization operates is what allows us to hold a strong relationship with every single one of our esteemed customers. The companies to whom we have served with our high quality standards include-

  • M/s Kennametal India Limited
  • M/s Manjunatha Industries
  • M/s Wipro Infrastructure Engineering Ltd (Bangalore)
  • M/s Wipro Infrastructure Engineering Ltd (Chennai)
  • M/s Burn Standard Co. Ltd (Salem)
  • M/s Kirloskar Toyoda Textile Machinery P Ltd
  • M/s Armor Plast Ltd
  • M/s BOSCH Rexroth India Ltd (Bangalore)
  • M/s Vibrant Products
  • M/s Sanseera Engineering Pvt Ltd

  • M/s 3M India Ltd
  • M/s Schmetz India Pvt Ltd
  • M/s Macro Agencies
  • M/s Mysore Datta Polymers
  • M/s Pioneer Genco Ltd
  • M/s Electro Plasts Pvt Ltd
  • M/s Megamiles Bearing Cups Pvt Ltd
  • M/s Megatechs Cold Forgings Pvt Ltd
  • M/s Otto Biltz (India) Pvt Ltd
  • M/s SLR Steels Lt.
  • M/s Stumpp, Schuele & Somappa Pvt Ltd
ISO Certification

A company which has been certified has a higher chance of being chosen to those who do not. Our dedication and perseverance towards providing each patron with a Temperature Controlling Equipments and Oil Flushing System having an unparalleled quality aspect is what has allowed us to get awarded with the NS-EN ISO 9001:2008/ISO 9001:2008 certificates,

Client satisfaction

Client satisfaction has always been an important aspect for our organization. Understanding the detailed specifications we are making it a point to see that each and every requirement of the client is fulfilled in a promising manner. Using none other than quality-driven components to create such systems, assures each patron of receiving an A-grade commodity. The service which we offer keep a consistent check over the following processes-
  • Monitoring
  • Bleanding
  • Mixing
  • Filtration
Business Associations
  • H2O GmbH Steinen
    • A prominent company in Germany, this company is engaged in developing waste water treatment and recycling commodities. The pioneer of evaporation technology, this institution has installed over 750 units across numerous parts of the world. The main device of this organization is its vacuum distillation unit VACUDEST, which is used in numerous fields for water processing purposes. They are also widely recognized for their  service contract offers which include optimization and maintenance of the installation.
  • Coolant Wizard
    • An American company incorporated in the year 1990, the organization provides some of the finest range of reconditioning systems, mist collectors, proportioners etc, each of which are developed in a qualitative and efficient manner, as per the requirements of each patron.
  • Honing Oil Filters
    • A remarkable firm working since 2003, this Korean organization designed modern day oil filters, which adhere to the standards laid down by well-reputed international agencies. Having a great deal of reputation, they have sold over 6 massive units in Korea and one component each to Hong Kong and China.
  • Zebra Skimmers Co
    • A manufacturer of high end oil skimmers and fluid maintenance equipment, Zebra Skimmers has held a strong foothold in the industry since over 10 years. Known for their performances driven structure, these devices find a strong usage in automotive, medical and aerospace metalworkers areas, which fabricated washer parts and CNC equipment tools.
  • Frey Messmer Co
    • A highly advanced producer, Frey Messmer Corporation creates some of the most powerful batches of refractometers, magnetic separators, special purpose oil skimmers and other similar instruments. Mainly used for maintaining industrial liquids, such machines are also created to yield promising results to the  modern day needs of metalworking units

One point which has helped us in gaining a top spot in the industry is the team of experienced professionals who work for our company. Starting from marketing & sales, engineering, consultant, administration etc, we have an expert for each and every section of our business. Regular training enhances the skills of each team member and thus allows such members to work in there fullest potential at all times.

Applications and Industries

Having a performance driven working structure, such Temperature Controlling Equipments and Oil Flushing System are bound to yield you with effective and reliable outcomes. Designed with sheer professionalism, we have devised such goods while taking into consideration each and every intricate requirement of the client business. The firms we cater to include-

  • Automotive
  • Coal Tar Processing
  • Diesel Oil Processing
  • Lagoon Treatment
  • MARPOL Oil Treatment
  • Metalworking Fluid Treatment
  • Paper Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Waste Oil Treatment
  • Powder Treatment & Surface Treatment
  • Metal Processing
  • Washing & Cleaning
  • Surface Purification & Hardening
  • Material Recovery
  • Chemical & Further Applications
  • Chromic Acid Recycling
  • PCB Waste Treatment
  • Membrane Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Ultra Pure Water
  • UV Oxidation System
  • UV Disinfection
  • VOC Emission Control
  • Harvesting Rainwater